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Vinyl Mount: 8th Grade Math Kit
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Vinyl Mount: 8th Grade Math Kit
Item: VPM8
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Vinyl Mounting Sleeve Set includes: custom cut non-glare vinyl pieces that you fold up to make a pocket for card storage. The edges are not sealed. You seal the edges of the pockets when you staple, use colored duct tape, magnetic strips, or velcro to attach them to the surface you are using. The vinyl pockets hold all of the cards so that changing the board is as easy as slipping the front card to the back of the pocket each week.

You can make these simple pockets yourself by following the instructions included in our kits, The vinyl is available at fabric stores for a nominal price. They are easy to make. If you don't have the time or resources, we will be happy to provide them for you.
  • 20 vinyl pieces
  • Instruction page
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Vinyl Mounting Sleeves are non-refundable.

"Two of our 7th grade classes have purchased General and Pre-Algebra Mountain Math for classroom use. We really like the idea of repetition especially after seeing how our students struggle with number sense, across the board. I have two resource math classes, who are learning the 7th grade common core curriculum, at a slower pace, and I'm using a modified response sheet for them. One of my classes uses this sheet, and only works on one problem a day, as they have trouble switching gears easily. My other resource class is using the standard response sheet, however, we only do 13 of the 24 questions. I really enjoy using the program and have already seen student learning benefits. Thanks!"
-Amy Baker
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