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4th Grade Mountain Math Center
4th Grade Mountain Math Center
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Mountain Math Centers are colorful, year-round, and reusable flip books. Mountain Math is a program which is based on the concepts taught at each grade level. Each grade's center focuses on that grade level's concepts. Mountain Math allows you to review and preview concepts on a weekly basis or more often if you prefer. Mountain Math centers include enough pages to provide adequate review throughout the year. Instructions and concept sheets are also included. more...
 • Represent value of digits in whole numbers through 1,000,000,000 and decimals to the hundredths using expanded notation and numerals.
 • Relate decimals to fractions that name tenths and hundredths
  Compare two fractions with different numerators and different denominators using < ,>, =.
  Compare and order whole numbers to 1,000,000,000 using <, >, =.
 • Round whole numbers through the hundred thousands place
 • Represent decimals
 • Decompose a fraction in more than one way
 • Determine if fractions are equivalent
 • Represent fractions and decimals to the tenths or hundredths
 • Addition and subtraction of fractions
 • Add and subtract whole numbers and decimals
 • Multiplication and division, including remainders
 • Four operations with whole numbers with a letter standing for the unknown quantity
 • Numerical expressions to generate a number pattern that follows a given rule
 • Represent product of 2 two-digit numbers using arrays, area models, or equations
 • Perimeter and area
 • Two-dimensional figures
 • Measure of angles in degrees
 • Identify points, lines, line segments, rays, angles, and perpendicular and parallel lines
 • Right angles to identify acute, right, and obtuse triangles
 • Determine measure of unknown angle
 • Identify sizes of measurement units
 • Represent data on frequency table, dot plot, or stem-and-leaf plot
1. 4.2ABD, 4.4BG
2. 4.2C
3. 4.2E
4. 4.2EG
5. 4.2EGH, 4.3G
6. 4.3E
7. 4.3ABC
8. 4.3CDE
9. 4.4A
10. 4.2E, 4.4A
11. 4.4CD
12. 4.4DEFH, 4.5A
13. 4.5B
14. 4.5B
15. 4.5B
16. 4.4B
17. 4.5D
18. 4.6ACE
19. 4.6D
20. 4.8AB
21. 4.8C
22. 4.9AB
  • 32 page color flip chart
  • Instructions
  • Black line master of student response sheet
  • Answer key
  • Measures 19 inches wide and 13 inches high
  • Provides up to 32 weeks of review
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"I do like the online version, but my principal and I have decided on the center version."
-Cheryl Barber
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