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How do I change the weather location?

The weather location should be a zip code. You can change this in the Edit Welcome Message page.

Tell me more about the Explorer Quiz.

The Explorer Quiz may take days or weeks to complete depending on how many questions there are and how many you complete each time. Each time you quit, the computer will save your place so you can start where you left off. The quiz shows you immediately if your answer is right or wrong. If you answered wrong, you will be given a chance to answer that question again later in the quiz. If you don't know the answer to a question, you may skip it. But you will be asked that same question later in the quiz. The quiz has two sections. First, in the Base Camp section you will answer a series of questions in certain subjects to earn items. When you have earned all the items, you will advance to the next section. Second, the Checkpoint section you will answer a wide variety of questions. You may need certain items that you have earned in Base Camp to help you on your way.

Tell me more about the Simple Quiz.

Simple Quizes are usually completed in a single session. The 'next' button you will take you to the next unanswered questions. The 'previous' button allows you to go back to a question if you decide to change your answer. When you have completed all the questions, you may end the test by pressing the 'save test' button. If you need to quit the test before you are finished, you may press the 'quit' and your answers will also be saved.

Can I use HTML code or tags in Announcements and the Welcome Message?


What kind of files can I upload?

The teacher can upload any kind of file type. Assignments, images, special instructions, class journals, or anything your students would find uselful. Maximum file size is 50 MB

I have assembled a quiz that I would like to share with other teachers. How can I do this easily?

To turn quiz sharing on or off, simply click on the 'Settings' button from the main list of quizzes, then make an appropriate selection. Quiz sharing is turned on by default. To use someone else's quiz, simply click 'Build New Quiz', then select a quiz from the list of 'shared quizzes from another class'.

What happens if my student stops using a Practice Quiz in the middle of a session?

Their responses are automatically saved. However, unlike the Explorer Quiz, the Practice Quiz will restart at the beginning of the test. Students are able to re-answer questions and new responses will overwrite old ones.

I have a small screen (800x600 pixels), is there a to get all of the web page to show without scrolling?

Try typing F-11 on your keyboard to enter your web browser's full screen mode.

How do I create an Internet Shortcut on my Desktop?

Begin in your web-browser by navigating to the web page you wish to create a shortcut to. Shrink the browser window slightly so you can also see your Desktop. In the address bar of your web browser there is a little icon next to the http:// address of the website. Click and hold your left mouse button on the icon and drag it onto your Desktop. Or, you may type Ctrl-D to add the page to your browser's Favorite list.

Can I edit the questions and answers?

Yes, you may edit or rewrite the questions to reflect vocabulary and skill level your students are comfortable with.

If I delete a quiz will the student scores be saved?

No, the scores are deleted at the same time you delete a quiz. If you wish to retain the scores but disallow students access, simply set the expire date for the quiz to a past date.

What if I use the same question twice in a quiz?

In the Practice Quiz, the second response will overwrite the first response in your scores. In the Explorer Quiz, each concept or checkpoint section is separate, so if the duplicate questions are placed in separate sections you will be able to see each response.

Are usernames and passwords case sensitive?


My web browser crashes when I use the Explorer Quiz or Practice Quiz modules. What can I do?

Make sure you are running the latest version of the Shockwave player. You can get the latest version at . Follow instructions on their website to complete the update.

When I try to take a quiz or test, the window is all blue (or all black).

Make sure you are running the latest version of the Shockwave player. You can get the latest version at . Follow instructions on their website to complete the update.

What happens if my student stops using the Explorer Quiz in the middle of a quiz?

The sections of the Explorer Quiz are usually designed to take several sessions to complete. When a student quits, their position is automatically saved so they can resume where they left off.