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What are the differences between the Kit and the Center editions?

When our Kits are displayed, they are big enough to be seen by the entire class. Our centers are 13"X 19" flip charts. They are meant to be used in small groups. The problems are too small to be seen by the whole class. They are excellent to use for teachers that do not have wall space available, or have stations set up in their classroom.

Our Center editions come with an answer key. Each page has set problems allowing for an organized and helpful answer key. The Kits have 500+ different board combinations making an answer key cumbersome and arduous.

How long does it take to complete the Center?

The teacher teaches the concept and then uses our products to review that concept. The teacher decides how many and which problems the students will do each time at each station. You will be ready to introduce the response sheet to your students after you have taught a few of the concepts. It will take your students longer to finish Centers at the beginning of the year when they are just learning the process.

What grade levels are available in both math and language?

Our Mountain Math Centers are available from Kindergarten to Algebra. Our Common Core Warm-Ups Centers are available from Kindergarten to Sixth Grade at this time. Our Mountain Language Centers are available from Kindergarten to 7/8 Grade.

Are pre- and post-tests included?

For a pre-test, have your students do an entire page at the first of the year. A post-test will be done at the end of the year by doing another entire page. You will be able to see exactly what concepts each student knows and/or what they still need to work on. The concepts for each number are listed on the coversheet. Having your students do an entirely different page several days in a row, often during the year, provides excellent assessment. It is a great way to provide assessment for Parent-Teacher Conferences.

What if I lose the response sheet?

We will send you a new response sheet if you email us. We will need to know which product you are using along with the grade level.

Does Kindergarten have a response sheet?

Our Mountain Math and Mountain Language Kindergarten Centers do not have a response sheet at this time. They come with suggested questions for each concept. Our Kindergarten Common Core Warm-Ups kits have suggested questions for the beginning of the year and then move to a response sheet when the students are ready to use one.