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Welcome to Common Core Warm-Ups!

Common Core Warm-Ups are colorful, year-round, spiral review programs that supplement whatever math program you are using. They work the same way as our Mountain Math programs, however, they focus on the new common core standards. Common Core Warm-Ups are available as bulletin boards, centers, or as online programs. They are available for grades Kindergarten through Fifth. They are to be used to aid in the review and retention of previously taught concepts. Each grade level focuses on that grade level's concepts. Common Core Warm-Ups allow you to review and preview concepts on a weekly basis or more often if you prefer. The teacher will teach the concept, and then Common Core Warm-Ups will provide the review. A teacher can spend 10-15 minutes a day using Common Core Warm-Ups to keep concepts fresh. Students do a few problems each day as a warm-up activity. Common Core Warm-Ups are flexible review tools; they allow teachers to incorporate them to fit individual teaching styles. They can be used as a class activity, an individual activity, with partners, or in cooperative learning groups. Common Core Warm-Ups serve as an excellent means of assessment. Teachers can readily detect problem areas and adjust the teaching process. Common Core Warm-Ups are a fun and easy way to incorporate review into your classroom.

Each Common Core Warm-Ups program includes enough concepts to provide adequate review throughout the year. The programs also include a recording sheet that asks students questions about the problems on the board. Our Kindergarten Common Core Warm-Ups program has suggested questions to be asked orally until the students are ready to use a recording sheet. There are 32 problems under each concept. Please click on the grade level taught to see an example and a list of concepts reviewed.

You teach the concepts- Common Core Warm-Ups will provide the review.